Dave Soulia

State Representative
Rutland - 6

Brandon ~ Pittsford ~ Sudbury


Dave Soulia
Our state has some problems, but they are solvable problems. Regardless of political philosophy, fundamentally, we all want the same things. We all want a healthy environment. We all want our neighbors to be able to afford their health care. We all want to be able to afford a roof over our heads and food on the table. We can accomplish these goals. It will require a little give and take. It can be done. I am asking for your vote to be your Representative so I can bring this hope, desire and experience to our Capital. I will fight for you, for your family and for you to keep your hard earned money.

Thank you,

Dave Soulia

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Our state is under a massive financial attack from out-of-state BIG MONEY special interest groups. (Yes, even in our little state!)  I need your support to fight against these outside forces. Please donate today!

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  • We need to cut the taxes, fees and regulations that are hurting our families, businesses and farms. We must restore fiscal responsibility to state government.
  • We need to repeal, or greatly reduce, ACT250 and it's negative economic impact on our state.
  • The first two points will allow for economic growth. That growth, in turn, brings the tax revenue we need to pay our state's financial obligations. This is NEW revenue without having to further increase the financial hardships of the all ready overburdoned taxpayers!
  • Fix and properly maintain our roads and bridges. Fill the potholes!
  • Expand cell and internet service.
  • Promote new markets for Vermont made products.


  • We all want a clean environment.
  • No Carbon Tax! This is just another way for government to steal your hard earned money. A carbon tax will raise the cost of heating your home and driving to work.
  • Our waters have been exposed to large amounts of legacy phosphous. What Vermonters don't hear is where this legacy began. Before we further increase taxes on our neighbors and businesses, we need to look into why the USDA, State of Vermont and UVM encouraged and subsidized the massive, over-use of phosphorus back in the 1950s and demand that the federal government increase the monies sent to our state to repair the mess their experts created.
  • End the forced electric utility monopoly in our state! Did you know that in other states you can choose the source of your electricity?
  • We must stop dumping millions of gallons of sewage into our rivers and lakes.
  • Any efforts to further clean up our environment requires money. We need to not only allow, but encourage, economic growth to create the funds necessary to carry out these efforts.


  • Support our hard-working, dedicated teachers by FULLY FUNDING the teacher's and stateworker's pensions!.
  • Technical Education. We need to prepare our kids for careers in technical fields too.
  • School choice. Some kids will do better in one school vs. another.
  • Repeal Act 46. We need a cost benefit analysis. We are not saving any money or improving our kids' and test scores.
  • Fully support homeschoolers and make the process less formidable.
  • Freeing up the economic engine of our state brings the money we need to accomplish these goal!


  • We need to do away with our forced health insurance monopoly. Vermonter's want to be able to shop around for the policies that suit their needs and not the needs of Montpelier.
  • Hospitals should post the prices of major procedures so patients can choose the best price and service.
  • Support more organic and natural therapies and remedies.


  • We live in an agricultural state. We need to figure out what is standing in the way of our food producers and their economic prosperity and free them up!
  • We send millions of dollars out of state, everyday of every year, buying food that we could be growing here. This is neither sustainable nor good for the environment.
  • We need to help promote Vermont made ag products in more regional, national and international markets.


  • We need to financially support our law enforcement personnel so many more can be properly certified in identifying motorvehicle operators under the influence of drugs.
  • Educate our kids about drugs through the LEAD (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) program. This replaces DARE and is based on statistical data and interactive learning with our children.
  • We need to fully support the VSP major crime unit, drug task force, and crime lab.
  • We need to end our system of catch and release of criminals.
  • Again, these actions require money from increased tax revenue from business growth.


I support the 2nd Amendment and Article 16. I do not support further restrictions on law abiding citizens. If someone were to break into your home and intends harm in the early morning hours when most law enforcement is off duty, it could take an hour or more for an officer to arrive in many small towns. You must be able to defend yourself and your family!

About Dave

I was born in Rutland, VT. I grew up in the woods of Pittsford, spending my summers helping my dad cut firewood to heat our home and hunting in the fall. After high school, I served four years in the U.S. Navy being trained in aviation electronics. After coming home, I attended Castleton College, C.C.V. and the College of St. Joseph's. I have a degree in Internet Marketing and Computer Science. Over the last 20 years, I have worked as a webmaster, database manager, programmer and graphic artist. I have a particular interest in process engineering, economics and systems design and analysis.

I served as Chair of the Pittsford Planning Commission for 2 years and continue to serve as a member Commissioner. I have served on the Rutland Regional Planning Commission for the last 4 years. I have also served my community as a Justice of the Peace and as the Shelter Manager at the Rutland County Humane Society.

I am married to the love of my life with four great children. Together we have continued to build our family farm over the last 8 years. Along with our dogs and cat, we raise sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, 2 mini-donkeys, 2 rescue horses and our crazy mule Fred. We also grow various fruits and veggies.

I am passionate about farming freedom, small government and individual and property rights. I love problem solving and troubleshooting and hope to bring my energy and experience to the conversation in Montpelier as your Representative.

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